Free Website!

Are you receiving NCKCN's Internet service? or are you a Cunningham Telephone & Cable customer? If so, NCKCN is offering those who have either NCKCN or CTC services a free website. That's right, FREE - As an added bonus, you have complete control over your website. Oh, and did I mention that NCKCN will never place any ads on it. How awesome is that! Start your online journey today and let your imagination run wild :)


Current Members - Please Read

For those of you who have been redirected here from and have had a website at, please note that we unfortunately had to shut down this sub-domain. The new location of your website will be located here at If you do not see your website listed here on the Members directory page, please give our main office a call at: 1-785-738-2218 and simply let us know. We apologize for any incoveniences this may have caused.

How it Works

NCKCN & CTC members receive 1 free website (per master account) if, and only if, member has signed up for and is receiving NCKCN's fixed wireless Internet service or any service from our partner CTC.

To activate your free website, simply locate and click the "Activate My Free Website" button below and fill out the form accordingly.

Website Request Form

Request to Add a website to NCKCN's directory listings by filling out the form below.

Website Request Form

Request to Remove a website from NCKCN's directory listings by filling out the form below.